About us

SIA CIETKOKS is a timber processing company founded on December 14th, 2005. Our specialty is birch wood processing. Due to our knowledge and experience we perform a full cycle of woodworking, starting with sawlogs up to finished products. Currently we are producing and offering following products: birch lumber, birch sawn timber, birch edge glued panels and beams.


As the company develops and grows, our main sales market is East Asian market where we export 99% of our products, as well as Europe and Baltic countries. We use high - tech timber drying kilns, ensuring proper drying process, which is important in order to get high quality materials for the finished products. Our standard product moisture content ranges between 8 +/- 2%. The total capacity of our timber drying kilns is 1000 - 1500 cubic meters per month, depending on the material thickness.


SIA CIETKOKS is working with a long - term perspective to provide products of constantly high quality to our current and potential partners. The company continues to develop and improve manufacturing processes in order to supply its customers with high quality timber products at an affordable prices and in the shortest period of time.