SIA CIETKOKS products are made solely out of birch timber, which has distinctive physical and mechanical qualities, excellent weight and mechanical strength performance ratio.


Birchwood sorting to various grades ensures the use of proper sawn product quality. Good quality birch lumber is long, straight and wide. The colour of birchwood is yellowish white or light brownish red. The colour varies, depending on growth area of the birch, the cutting time and drying process. Density of the dry wood products ranges from 590 to 740 kg / m3.


We use modern equipment to manufacture the products. The production process itself takes place in heated and well ventilated premises. Finished products are stored in heated warehouses.

birch lumber

We offer to purchase massive wood birch lumber - an ecological and durable product due to its natural qualities.


Birch lumber currently is the main product of the company. Lumber is dried in a certified kiln.


Birch lumber is made out of good quality sawlogs (veneer grade). The heartwood of the log is usually removed from the lumber during the sawing process. Firstly, the material is sawn into unedged boards (of various width with bark) and then further into edged boards (fixed width without bark). The heartwood material is sold separately for production of soft furniture frame parts as well as used for packing material.

We offer edged and unedged lumber production:

Quality: ABC grade mixed, cut out from quality logs with diameter from 20cm+up. Heartwood of the lumber does not exceed 5% of total quantity. Most of the two-sided heartwood is cut out from the lumber and is not exported. The lumber is dried to 8 +/- 2% moisture level.

Width: Free (100mm and up, including 80-99mm, not more than 5% of the total quantity) or fixed width. Negative tolerance is not allowed.

Thickness: Our standard is 20mm and 24mm +positive tolerance at least 1mm.

Any other thickness can be considered for production.

Lengths: 2.0-3.1M, + positive tolerance 100mm, negative tolerance is not allowed 

Lengths in range of 1.0 – 2.0M must not constitute more than 15% from the total quantity.

Packaging: Each package usually contains only one length of lumber. Each package is wrapped in foil from all sides and tightly tied together with a hoop. The beams used for packaging meetsw ISPM5 requirements and are marked with HT seal.

birch sawn timber

Birch sawn timber is produced for manufacturing glued panels and furniture parts.


Sawn timber is sorted by quality:

AA - 4 sides free of knots and visible defects. NAtural mineral inclusions are allowed. No colouration of the heartwood is allowed.

AB - 2 sides free of knots and visible defects, two other sides may have live knots up to 20mm in diameter, as well as black spot knots up to 5mm in diameter. B side may have some heartwood coloration.

BB - 4 sides free of knots and defects. Unlimited heartwood coloration and small knots up to 5mm in diameter are allowed.

FRAME - 4 sides allow strong knots that are not falling out, as well as unlimited heartwood colouration and heartwood that is not rotten and does not have a significant impact on the strength of the material. This is the basic material used for production of upholstered furniture frames.  The "Frame" grade birch is mostly calibrated (planed) - S2S or S4S.


Standard size of sawn timber (lamellas): 24 (available in all sizes) x 45/55/65/75/100 / 125mm

Standard size of calibrated timber (lamellas): 23 x 43/53/63/73/98 / 123mm

Lengths ranging from 250mm


It is possible to produce sawn timber according to custom orders.

birch panels and beams

We produce beams according to custom sizing. T

Quality: A/A (knotless), A/B, B/B, B/C, C/C.


The maximum beam dimension: 90 x 90 x 3000mm


Standard beam size: 20x40mm, 40x40mm, 60x60mm